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Why You Should Care About NY's Constitutional Convention

Check out this handy infographic on why you should care about the vote to amend New York's State Constitution. Click the graphic for a video on the pros and cons of Con Con.

NYC Elections 2017: A Roundtable on Mayoral Candidates

The first step of NYC’s local election process, the September 12th primaries, has come and gone and the people have spoken.

The Road to NYC's 2017 General Elections

The Road to NYC's 2017 General Elections

October, 2, 2017 • 4 min read

New York City’s 2017 local election primaries are over, but the race is still on! While the field has narrowed in determining the contenders for this November’s general elections, it’s important now more than ever to pay attention to the candidates and the issues at stake. Now that independent candidates are eligible for the ballot, learn more about their stances and the importance of third-party politics. MNN is bringing you a rundown of the primary results and what to look forward to in the weeks ahead leading to Election Day.

NYC Council District 6: The Top 3 Issues Facing the Upper West Side

Central Park is the heart of Manhattan, and you live right in the middle of it. A mix of affluent and working-class residents, you enjoy a high quality of life, but a decrease in small businesses due to high rents. Home to Julliard and Lincoln Center and once a haven for artists, the Upper West Side is a creative mecca, but you worry your neighborhood is losing its character. What are the top 3 issues plaguing District 6?

NYC Council District 10: The Top 3 Issues Facing Inwood and Harlem

Whether from across the George Washington or from across borders, the bridges of Washington Heights feel symbolic. Northernmost Manhattan is surrounded by miles of waterfront, and serves as a connector between New York and beyond. This is the land of small business owners who are focused on family and community, but when stagnant salaries are struggling to pay increasing rents, entrepreneurs and consumers are affected. This working class community on the edge of the island needs to feel front and center. What are the biggest problems facing District 10?