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MNN Empowers Next Gen Storytellers to Make Their Voices Heard

From Parkland, Florida, to Ferguson, Missouri, young people are increasingly making their voices heard and changing the media narrative. MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center and the High School for Media and Communications (HSMC) are working together to bolster these new voices by giving high school students access to high tech media production tools and training.

Photoshop Classes in NYC: What to Expect

Photoshop Classes in NYC: What to Expect

February, 20, 2018 • 3 min read

Learning graphic design is a useful tool across numerous industries. Graphic designers are needed to help create and improve logos, websites, marketing materials, and more, which means they are in demand for almost any company that has an online presence. If you want to learn graphic design, then you’ll need to master Adobe Photoshop.

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5 Video Editing Tips and Tricks

5 Video Editing Tips and Tricks

June, 28, 2017 • 4 min read

Editing is key to making a powerful, engaging video. Without editing, videos can come across as awkward and unpolished, making the viewer unlikely to fully digest the content. There are certain video editing tips that can help produce high-quality media such as trimming, transitions, titles, and effects. If you’re considering learning more about these methods, here are five video editing tips to get you started.

Video Editing Classes NYC — 5 Q’s to Ask to Find Your Fit


When selecting from the many video editing classes in NYC, there are some obvious questions to ask. These include cost, timing and duration of course, and what gear is provided. Still, if you’re truly interested in learning to be a successful video editor, there are a few more in-depth queries to pose. 


What to know before attending your first video editing classes at MNN

Wondering what you need to know before attending your first video editing classes at MNN? Here’s a roundup of 8 essential answers you may want to know to feel prepared for your video production classes.