The Road to NYC's 2017 General Elections


New York City’s 2017 local election primaries are over, but the race is still on! While the field has narrowed in determining the contenders for this November’s general elections, it’s important now more than ever to pay attention to the candidates and the issues at stake. Now that independent candidates are eligible for the ballot, learn more about their stances and the importance of third-party politics. MNN is bringing you a rundown of the primary results and what to look forward to in the weeks ahead leading to Election Day.



Bill de Blasio, Working Families


Nicole Malliotakis, Conservative, Stop de Blasio


Akeem Browder, Green

Sal Albanese, Reform

Richard “Bo” Dietl, Dump the Mayor

Aaron Commey, Libertarian

Mike Tolkin, Smart Cities

Eric W. Armstead

James Berry (Undeclared)

Garrett Bowser

Asim Deen (Undeclared)

Robbie Gosine

Rosemary Hameed (Undeclared)

Scott Joyner (Undeclared)

Abbey Laurel-Smith, Pilgrims Alliance

Salvador Morales, (Undeclared)

Louis Puliafito (Undeclared)

Eric Roman (Undeclared)

Eliseo Santos, (Undeclared)

Karmen Smith, (Undeclared)

Ahsan Syed, Theocratic


Public Advocate

Letitia "Tish" James, Democrat, Working Families

JC Polanco, Republican, Reform, Stop de Blasio

James Lane, Green

Michael O'Reilly, Conservative

Devin Balkind, Liberal



Scott Stringer, Democrat, Working Families

Michel J. Faulkner, Republican, Conservative, Reform, Stop de Blasio

Alex Merced, Libertarian

Julia Willebrand, Green


Manhattan Borough President

Gale Brewer, Democrat, Working Families

Frank Scala, Republican

Daniel Rivera, Green

Brian Waddell, Reform, Liberal

Linda Liu (Undeclared)


Manhattan District Attorney

Cy Vance, Democrat


City Council District 1 

Margaret Chin, Democrat, Working Families

Bryan Jung, Republican

Aaron Foldenauer, Liberal

City Council District 2

Carlina Rivera, Democrat, Working Families

Jimmy McMillan, Republican/The Rent Is Too Damn High

Manny Cavaco, Green

Jasmin Sanchez, Liberal

Don Garrity, Liberal

City Council District 3 

Corey Johnson, Democrat, Working Families

Marni Halasa, Green


City Council District 4 

Keith Powers, Democrat

Rebecca Harary, Republican, Women’s Equality, Reform

Rachel Honig, Liberal, Stop de Blasio

City Council District 5

Ben Kallos, Democrat, Working Families

Frank Spotomo, Republican

City Council District 6

Helen Rosenthal, Democrat, Working Families

Hyman Drusin, Republican

William Raudenbush, Stand Up Together

City Council District 7

Mark Levine, Democrat, Working Families

Florindo Troncelliti, Green

City Council District 8 

Diana Ayala, Democrat, Working Families

Daby B. Carreras, Republican, Reform, Stop de Blasio, No Rezoning 4 Ever

Linda Ortiz, Conservative




City Council District 9

Bill Perkins, Democrat, Working Families
Jack Royster, Republican
Pierre Gooding, Reform
Tyson-Lord Gray, Liberal

Dianne L. Mack, Harlem Matters

City Council District 10

Ydanis Rodriguez, Democrat, Working Families

Ronny Goodman, Republican
Gregory Purdy, Republican