4 Benefits of Taking Video Editing Classes

video editing dock

Most of us have some experience with video -- whether it’s taking videos of family and friends or watching hilarious YouTube videos to procrastinate finishing other tasks. Many of us watch at least one video per day, if not more, so we know what makes a video engaging or not. Great editing helps to capture our attention and make us want to share the video with others. If you want to improve the videos you create, then consider enrolling in video editing classes; here are four reasons why.

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1. Video editing produces better content

Edited videos are easier to watch. They are cleaner, more polished, and have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Viewers tend to click away from videos that are disjointed or too long, so editing techniques can help avoid frustrating the people digesting the content. Videos that have unnecessary takes edited out and have an established rhythm are usually much more appealing to the audience.

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2. Video editing helps tell a better story

Whether the video is used for marketing purposes or just for fun, storytelling is a key component to creating a great video. Editing ensures the story is told in a clear, concise way that the audience can enjoy. Different editing techniques can help you put assets such as images, voice overs, titles, and animations into the video and structure clips into logical sequences. Good videos have both clear transitions and trimmed clips that come together to form a story.

3. Edited videos get more views

If you want a lot of eyes on your videos, then you need to take a video editing class. Unstructured or messy videos do not go viral. Viewers do not want to share videos with disparate clips or poor sound quality, so learning the basics of video editing will help get your content in front of more eyes.

4. There is a need for video editors across all industries

Even if you aren’t going to make your own videos, video editing is a great skill to have. Video is used across many industries - from marketing to finance - so there are job openings for those who have the skills to create powerful videos. If you think you might like this as a career, then take a video editing class to test whether or not you’d like to pursue this avenue. If you’re ready to dive into video editing, then we have courses for you.

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Anyone that is interested in video editing should attend an orientation session at one of Manhattan Neighborhood Network’s two locations. The orientation is free, offered in English or Spanish, and will help you learn which courses are right for you.