Immigration and Subway Shutdowns: A Profile of NY Congressional District 12

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Our Congressmen and -women have huge responsibilities, including controlling their state’s budget, as well as creating and passing laws. This year, several districts within New York’s House of Representatives are holding elections for its congresspeople.




On Tuesday, June 26, New Yorkers will turn out for the democratic primary between incumbent Carolyn Maloney and former Obama campaign member, Suraj Patel, to determine who will move forward to run in November’s general election. Their constituency, District 12, is comprised of the Upper East Side down to northern Brooklyn and Roosevelt Island. The diversity between these neighborhoods is abundant, and all of the residents have myriad needs that must be addressed. What are the top issues that District 12 is currently contending with and how must their representative address them?

Issue #1: Public Transportation

Hurricane Sandy rocked the east coast in 2012, with billions of dollars in damages in its wake and several casualties. Tremendous erosion to the city’s infrastructure made some subway tunnels unusable for months. For the L Train, the subway line that travels between lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, the deterioration was so extensive, its tunnel must shut down completely for repairs for 15 months, bound to beget major inconveniences to commuters and deleterious effects to small businesses. Solving these long-term transportation problems for thousands of New Yorkers is no simple task, and how will our infrastructure be protected against the next natural disaster?

Issue #2: Immigration

New York City is best known for its diversity in population, a major attraction and the reason why it’s a great place to live. But under the current presidential administration, crackdowns on undocumented immigrants by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has led to mass raids, detainment and the deportation of our brothers and sisters— many who are children and without criminal records— no matter that NYC is a sanctuary city. How will this district leader protect its immigrant population from harassment, separation from their communities and families, and work to uphold a democracy that allows due process to our residents without citizenship?

Cast your vote for the democratic District 12 candidate on June 26. Watch an interview with Suraj Patel and learn about this year’s elections on Manhattan Neighborhood Network’s Race To Represent.


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