New Course: Creating Motion Graphics in Adobe Premiere CC


Would you like to add motion graphics to your project without having to learn Adobe After Effects? If you have ever been interested in creating motion graphics, then this blog post is for you. In it, we will discuss MNN’s newest advanced class, Motion Graphics with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.



There are several ways to boost the production value of a video through lighting, audio quality, and overall planning. Another way to boost the quality of a project is through the use of motion graphics, moving graphics that supplement on-screen information.



With its constant updates and new capabilities, Adobe Premiere Pro CC is an editing program that provides great potential for video projects of all sorts. During MNN’s Motion Graphics with Premiere course, students will learn how to use keyframes, also known as the beginning and end points of a transition. With the knowledge gained, producers will learn how to create a title sequence, credits, lower-thirds, and apply moving text and images to their television, short video, and cinema projects.

At MNN Studios on 59th Street, students certified in MNN’s Video Editing w/ Adobe Premiere CC course can enroll in Motion Graphics Adobe Premiere Pro CC and learn how to organize and keyframe moving graphics that can add a look of professionalism to any television or film project.