Jon Haggins Globetrotter

Jon Haggins Globetrotter

Take a trip around the world in the comfort of your home with Jon Haggins Globetrotter–from Ireland to Spain, to the Caribbean, come explore what other cultures have to offer.

Author, producer and host Jon Haggins has been producing at MNN for over 20 years. His show, Jon Haggins Globetrotter, has taken viewers around the world to explore culture, cuisine, tradition and adventure. Jon travels to places like Lucca, a magical town in Italy where Giacomo Puccini’s history, amazing food and good wine are on display. Jon has taken viewers on adventures through the rolling hills of Ireland, he has toured the Cathedral of Seville in Spain, and has swam in the most beautiful beaches the Caribbean has to offer. While at these exotic locations he talks to local artist, chefs, travel experts and sometimes goes out exploring with local residents. However it’s not always about exoctic locations. Sometimes Jon stays right at home and invites viewers to talk to the head chefs at places like Burger and Lobster in NYC’s Chelsea district or Patrick’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar in Time Square.

Jon was asked, what do people around the world have in common? His response was, “A great smile. One of the things I’ve always said when you travel is... the first thing you pack should be a sense of humor so you can laugh with other people and laugh at yourself because you can make mistakes, it doesn’t matter.”

Come smile, laugh, learn and travel the world with Jon Haggins Globetrotter. Only on MNN.

Saturday’s at 8pm on MNN 2 and MNN 5