Kickstart Your Video Producer Career at MNN

Kickstart Your Video Producer Career at MNN


Video production is an exciting field that continues to grow with technology. Video producers are responsible for project management, give input on the creative vision and clearly define the end goal of the production. While film schools are still the most common route for video producer careers, for those who can’t make the time or financial commitments, there are alternatives. Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) offers courses to help producers learn and grow. Upon certification, our producers have created their own shows for MNN, worked for major networks, and even produced an Academy Award-nominated film. Once you become a producer, the possibilities are endless.

Skills You Should Master Before You Start Your Video Producer Career

MNN helps producers launch their careers through certification courses that teach everything from the basics of video production to advanced video editing techniques. While there is a lot to learn, the MNN team offers these courses at your convenience. You’ll meet at either our 59th Street Studio or El Barrio Firehouse at least once a week for two to four weeks.

In addition to understanding video production equipment and software, video producers should have the following skills:

  • Organization/Logistics: Producers must manage crew and set needs, timing, and scheduling. Having this information handy and accurate can help ensure that projects are completed without issues and on time.
  • Budget: Without clear guidelines, it’s easy to go over budget. Producers must communicate with the different departments to explain what the budgets are and to make sure that their expenses fall within the range.
  • Problem Solving: Rarely does a video production go exactly to plan. Problems may arise, and producers need to quickly think of solutions to make sure that the production can continue with the least amount of lost resources as possible.
  • Communication: Perhaps the most essential skill for producers as they are responsible for seeing the project through from start to finish. Effectively communicating with all team members can ensure that everyone has clear expectations and is committed to finishing the project on budget and on time.

Video producers who are excellent communicators, have experience in diverse roles on set, and are able to deliver successful videos on budget are extremely marketable job candidates. Given the number of video channels and media outlets there are today, the demand for new producers is always growing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that producer salaries range from $33,000 to nearly $165,000 with the average producer earning approximately $70,000.

Many video producers who have taken classes at MNN have gone on to successful video production careers, producing award-winning films, and working on the sets of major television networks. Our teachers help students develop their video production skills to generate high-quality content.

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