Lighting on a Budget Workshop at MNN

lighting on a budget workshop at MNN

Would you like to improve the lighting quality of your field video projects, for little money? MNN’s Education Department is now offering a two-hour Lighting on a Budget workshop that is open to the public and free of charge. In this post, we will broadly discuss what this workshop comprises.


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Before getting into the lights and equipment, the workshop covers the basics of lighting including understanding color temperature. Indoor and outdoor light have different color tones. If you don’t adjust your camera to these tones the result may be images that are too blue or too yellow. This workshop will help you remedy this issue by learning how to balance the camera according to the light source. This workshop will also show you an easy and efficient hack to recolor outside light coming in from a window.

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With advances in LED lighting, fields kits are more portable, cost efficient, and safer than ever; fires and blown fuses used to be a lighting tech’s regular concern. This workshop will give an overview of the lights and gear you may want for your production, as well as basic lighting setups for various shoots including indoor and outdoor locations.

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Finally, you’ll leave with a host of resources to help you along your path to lighting with ease. Manhattan Neighborhood Network offers an array of classes, workshops and events. To get involved with MNN, visit