Create a Megacities Short Doc at MNN

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Have you ever wanted to submit your work to a film festival? Well here is a great short doc festival to get involved with. MNN is partnering with Megacities Short Docs for their upcoming Megacities international short documentary contest.

The Megacities contest is a great opportunity for MNN producers to highlight, through short documentaries, inspiring local solutions to issues that plague New York City. The talented producer and winner will be awarded a trip to Paris, France, to participate in the Megacities short documentary festival. Additionally, select MNN producers will have their Megacities Short doc included in a special airing on MNN.

MNN producers who have certification in field production or video editing can use the MNN equipment in which they are certified to create media to submit to the festival. Equipment reservation for Megacities short doc productions will be granted between May 31 and July 31 and only at MNN’s 59th street location.

To use MNN’s equipment for the purpose of creating your Megacities short doc, certified producers will need to sign up by emailing with the subject line Megacities. The email should include the producer’s name and indicate their interest in participating in the Megacities contest. After signing up, participating producers will receive a project ID that is to be used when making reservations for equipment for their Megacities short doc production and/or edit time. Reservations for use of MNN equipment for Megacities short doc projects can only be made by phone, email, or in person. No online reservations for this project will be accepted.

Certified producers using MNN’s equipment and facilities to create Megacities docs for the festival are required to submit their Megacities content to MNN for possible inclusion in a program to air on MNN in the fall. Those who participate and would like to submit to the Megacities contest will need to do so through the megacities website. For participation in the Megacities contest and a chance to win a trip to Paris producers will need to register directly with Megacities by July 15.  All content must be uploaded to Megacities by July 31 to be considered for inclusion in the festival. Please follow the instructions at the Megacities website ( to sign up and then submit your entry.


Step 1

Signup to Megacities at and indicate the focus of your project. This must be done by July 15.  


Step 2

To use MNN’s equipment for the creation of your Megacities short doc you must reach out to MNN by sending us an email at You will then receive an email from MNN that includes a special Project ID that can only be used for Megacities Short Doc production at MNN. Equipment and facilities can only be used at MNN 59th street and only for equipment you are currently certified to access.  


Step 3

Produce your show Between May 31 and July 31

Use the assigned Megacities project ID you receive from MNN to request MNN equipment. All MNN equipment requested for this project can only be made by phone, in person, or by email. You may not use MNN’s online reservation system to reserve MNN equipment or facilities for this initiative.


Step 4

Submit your doc to Megacities by July 31 at


Step 5

Submit your content to MNN by August 2.

All participants who use MNN equipment and facilities are required to submit what they produce to MNN. Select projects will be given a special airdate on MNN’s channels this fall.

Please direct all question regarding participation in the Megacities short documentary contest and the use of MNN’s equipment to