A Juxtaposition of Business and Family: A Profile of State Assembly District 66

state assembly 66

Your neighbors are artists and students, and with immigrant residents and business owners, the generations of lifelong residents in downtown NYC are the backbone of the city. 


But the neighborhood’s popularity means more chain stores and less small businesses and you worry about the increased homeless population and declining quality of public housing. State Assembly District 66 needs an advocate for all who will protect the community from climate change, make space in overcrowded schools, and preserve the landmarks that make the city unique. What are the issues in this District that its leader will need to address?

Issue #1: Preserving Old New York

The qualities that have made New York unique are disappearing to make room for high rises, skyscrapers and chain stores catering to new New Yorkers without much consideration for lifelong residents who have contributed to the vibrancy of this city for generations. While community members and preservation organizations are fighting on behalf of vanishing landmarks and green spaces, District 2 needs a leader to stand up for old New York and safeguard the history of this city.

Issue #2: Protecting Marginalized Populations From Oppression

District 66 is known for its Puerto Rican, Italian and Jewish populations that have contributed to the neighborhood’s cultural fingerprint for decades. Also home to a sizable LGBTQ population, a district leader is needed to fight against rising homophobia and bigotry against perceived Others who have made their homes here. Being a cultural melting pot has always been one of NYC’s best characteristics, and a neighborhood representative needs to assert the importance of every resident and fight for the needs of the most marginalized.

Issue #3: More Affordable Housing

This neighborhood finds a bustling financial district alongside an area with a growing population of families, and sometimes these two groups don’t always mesh. How can this district find the balance between building its economy, but providing affordable housing while rents rise and adequate space for kids to play?

Will State Assembly District 66’s representative take these problems head on? Learn more about State Assembly District 66 Democrat candidate Deborah Glick and get informed about 2018’s New York State elections at racetorepresent.com.


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