What's Happening Here Happens All Over the City: A Profile of State Assembly District 68

state assembly 68

Northern Manhattan is one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the borough.



Throughout Harlem, on bright summer day, you’re bound to run into one of the neighborhood block parties, a mixture of different generations and nationalities coming together for delicious food, music and dancing, and community camaraderie: the consummate spirit of New York. But for all the area’s ebullience, not-so-hidden are pockets of poverty that leaves many of the working class residents unable to afford rising rents as a new middle class moves in, and underfunded public housing and schools leaves fewer opportunities where they can’t afford to stay in the neighborhood they cherish, and have limited options elsewhere. What are some of the biggest issues facing State Assembly District 68?

Issue #1: Transportation Affordability

MTA’s fares seem to rise more quickly than one can blink, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for New Yorkers to afford their commutes to work. Just one branch of the community’s high poverty rate, taxpayers shouldn’t have to be worried about being priced out of basic services. And if citizens can’t afford fare, how will they be able to find employment opportunities to better their standard of living? An overpriced system of transit is an economic issue for a significant population.

Issue #2: Not Enough Safe Housing

Plenty of empty lots stand abandoned that could be converted into low-income housing, as neglected NYCHA buildings crumble from lack of upkeep, leaving residents vulnerable to dangerous and inhospitable conditions. With a young, middle class population moving into the community, gentrification is slowly creeping in and a solution to accommodate all is needed immediately.

Will the State Assembly 68 representative address the growing needs of this community? Learn more about Democratic candidates Robert Rodriguez and John Ruiz and get informed about 2018’s New York State elections at racetorepresent.com.


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