The Gold Coast: A Profile of State Assembly District 73

state assembly district 73

From Bryant Park to the Guggenheim, the famous luxury shops on Fifth Avenue are all part of your backyard. 




Your neighborhood is one of the most vibrant and colorful in the city, and mom & pop shops give the community a familiar feel. But overcrowded schools and a sizable loss in affordable housing has become a reality you must face. One of the most popular tourist destinations in NYC, your neighborhood enjoys distinctive architecture and the highest quality of life. While some of the city’s wealthiest reside here, it’s also home to everyday workers and small business owners who are witness to empty storefronts and too-full schools and hospitals. As high rises get higher, residential areas decrease, and landmarks disappear, your neighborhood leader should favor people before business. Your candidate must prioritize social programs that promote the physical and mental wellness of your neighbors for the greater good of the city. What are the biggest issues facing State Assembly District 73?

Issue #1: The Case of the Empty Storefronts

Madison Avenue is the Rodeo Drive of the east coast.  Manhattan’s most famous shopping district attracts out-of-towners looking for glitz and flash as well as the city’s most affluent consumers. But these establishments are still vulnerable to high rents and many victims have fallen by the wayside, as business owners can no longer afford to stay. High taxes also prevail, making new entrepreneurs hesitant to take risks. There is no more room for Mom and Pop.

Issue #2: Zoning/Building Preservation

“Buildings tell the story of the neighborhood,” and this encapsulates why many residents are fighting against zoning. More residential buildings and high rises mean more families, which mean more students, which means overcrowded schools. Zoning loopholes that have been beneficial for real estate developers aren’t necessarily a boon for citizens, as these buildings change the landscape of the horizon and character of the community.

Issue #3: Creating More Space

The views from above in your neighborhood capture a city in motion, but as buildings grow taller, it feels like the city belongs to real estate developers, not the citizens. With increased population, there is a need to create larger schools that can accommodate more students in a productive learning environment, and residents are demanding a better use of their neighborhood’s expansion.

Will the State Assembly 73 representative address the growing needs of this community? Learn more about Democratic candidate Dan Quart and get informed about 2018’s New York State elections at


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