What Makes New York New York: A Profile of State Assembly District 75

state assembly district 75

The theater district of midtown has borne Broadway stars aplenty, Chelsea is home to the largest concentration of art galleries in the borough. 




Your home has some of the city’s best-known artistic and cultural touchstones. Mom-and-pop shops are still commonplace in the neighborhood, but also find a neighbor in Google’s 9th Avenue location. This community is home to some of the city’s best real estate, but middle-class residents slowly but surely feel themselves being pushed out, and tenement housing along with pockets of poverty have also been a staple for decades. A leader for State Assembly District 75 must understand the various subsections in the community, as providing for the needs of disparate populations is essential. Real estate developers are favored over residents’ needs, with luxury condos out of touch for many. What are some of the biggest issues of District 75?

Issue #1: A Declining Middle Class

Affordable housing is becoming more out of reach not just to the working class, but for the city’s middle class as well. Because of the convenience of the neighborhood’s location, more luxury real estate developments are figuratively and literally on the horizon as the housing market is controlled by only the wealthiest. Gentrification has become rampant in the city, so a displaced middle class leads to a displaced working class. Protecting families at all socioeconomic levels is important in a city where rents are high and wages are stagnant.

Issue #2: Preserving Open Spaces In the Community

Residents, cyclists, motorists and pedestrians of these western neighborhoods know all too well of the traffic and congestion that is one of its trademarks of commuting. Times Square is frequently a cavalcade of tourists Besides frequent subway mishaps, bikers often find they are not priorities in the rules of traffic and find their safety compromised.

Issue #3: Poverty and Senior Citizens

Hang out in the Theatre District long enough and you can spot a celebrity or three, but often overlooked are the pockets of poverty that plague these surrounding neighborhoods, with the city’s elderly population most vulnerable. Many reside in tenement buildings in vast need of maintenance, and an overdeveloped New York that is always looking to spruce itself up with new high rises and chain stores will neglect senior citizens. In addition, with limited incomes, seniors and the city’s working classes don’t always have access to available services that make their lives easier, and need representatives to advocate for their needs.

Will the State Assembly 75 representative address the growing needs of this community? Learn more about Democratic candidate Richard Gottfried and get informed about 2018’s New York State elections at racetorepresent.com.


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