The Best NYC Has To Offer: A Profile of State Assembly District 76

state assembly district 76

The diversity of religions, ethnicities and cultures along the East River have always been one of the neighborhood’s strongest suits, but it’s getting more difficult just to maintain everyday life.


Your neighborhood is one of the most vibrant and colorful in the city, and mom & pop shops give the community a familiar feel. Maintaining public services and making sure basic needs are met are just some of the top concerns facing the community that has “the best NYC has to offer.” What are the biggest issues facing State Assembly District 76.

Issue #1: Preservation

It’s a seller’s market in New York City as real estate developers populate the city with new commercial and residential high rises at high prices, attracting wealthy buyers but leaving middle- and working-class people out in the cold. With these new high-priced buildings moving in, surrounding edifices must compete to keep up with rising rents, and historical landmarks are in danger of being replaced. New York is nothing without its history, and scrubbing clean buildings and green spaces for the sake of a new New York without culture leaves us with a hollow city. How will this community’s representatives work towards preserving the legacy of Old New York so that it can continue to tell its story to future generations?

Issue #2: Creating More Space

The views from above in your neighborhood capture a city in motion, but as buildings grow taller, it feels like the city belongs to real estate developers, not the citizens. With increased population, there is a need to create larger schools that can accommodate more students in a productive learning environment, and residents are demanding a better use of their neighborhood’s expansion.

Issue #3: Transportation

One of Roosevelt Island’s biggest attractions is its tram that floats passengers from Manhattan to the tract of land amid the East River. The island is home to 360-degree waterfront views, historical landmarks and ruins, and a tight-knit community of residents, schools and small businesses. But transportation could also be what holds the island back, as commuters are forced to pay ferry fees in addition to costs from the tram or subway. Locals yearn for the integration of the Roosevelt Island ferry into the MTA system, so free transfers can be taken advantage of and save needed money, plus it will address and alleviate the congested trains plaguing long-suffering travelers.

Will the State Assembly 76 representative address the growing needs of this community? Learn more about Democratic candidate Rebecca Seawright and get informed about 2018’s New York State elections at


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