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NYC Council District 3: The Top 3 Issues Facing Midtown

Manhattan’s west side is home to some of the city’s best-known neighborhoods and artistic and cultural touchstones. The theater district of midtown has borne Broadway stars aplenty, Chelsea is home to the largest concentration of art galleries in the borough, and Lincoln Center’s opera house is a creative mecca and one of the artistic high points of the country. The High Line has radically changed urban design. Mom-and-pop shops are still commonplace in the neighborhood but also see a neighbor in Google’s 9th Avenue location. This community is home to some of the city’s best real estate, but and working- and middle -class residents slowly but surely feel themselves being pushed out in favor of housing developments catering to out-of-reach lux lifestyles, and tenement housing, along with pockets of poverty, have also been a staple for decades. A representative for District 3 must understand the various subsects in the community as providing for the needs of disparate populations is essential.

NYC Council District 2: The Top 3 Issues Facing L.E.S. and the East Village

The East Village and the surrounding neighborhoods have been a center for artists and a haven for immigrant populations that have made New York City unique. The eclectic nature of District 2 derives from the constant flow of nearby college students and the vestiges of a once-bohemian community, but longtime residents are struggling to hold onto the neighborhood that once was. Much of the mom-and-pop stores that brought charm and familiarity to this community are disappearing in favor of large chain stores, there is a difficulty in preserving landmarks that are being replaced for shiny, new buildings, overcrowded schools are a detriment to a growing generation and a budget deficit in public housing has created a struggle for safe, affordable places to live. A new district council member must fight to prioritize these top three issues facing this community.

NYC Council District 1: The Top 3 Issues Facing Downtown NYC

Full of fearless girls, boys, men and women, the southernmost point of Manhattan is one of the best places in the city to live. With waterfront views at nearly every turn, this center of tourism is home to the Oculus, Wall Street and the World Trade Center alongside lush parks, museums and plenty of places to bike, and is considered one of the best places to raise kids. But with all of its joys, District 1’s residents and business owners have concerns for their neighborhood’s future, and need a city council representative who can best look out for their needs. What are the top three issues facing District 1?

4 Key Things to Know About Studio Directing

4 Key Things to Know About Studio Directing

August, 18, 2017 • 3 min read

4 Key Things to Know About Studio Directing

5 Benefits of An Independent Film Producer Utilizing YouTube

YouTube is a highly useful platform for independent film producers wanting to expand their audience. Uploading videos and using key promotional techniques can help drastically increase followers and build a community for producers. No matter what type of content you produce, there is an audience waiting to watch it, so read on for five benefits of independent film producers utilizing YouTube.