NYC Elections 2017: A Roundtable on Mayoral Candidates

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The first step of NYC’s local election process, the September 12th primaries, has come and gone and the people have spoken.

Manhattan Neighborhood Network hosted a special episode of Represent NYC featuring Gotham Gazette’s Ben Max, Fordham University’s Dr. Christina Greer, and Politico’s Brendan Chaney on a rundown on 2017’s primary mayoral results, and the political forecast leading up to the general election on November 7th.

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In this clip, Dr. Greer discusses primary winner Mayor Bill de Blasio and his chances for re-election. The first Democratic mayor in 20 years, Greer states he faces some opposition from his white middle class constituents who see more marginalized groups finally represented politically where they previously had no voice. Will this inclusive approach prove to be a pro or a con for the progressive incumbent at poll time? And how will his opponents fare?


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Watch the full video here, and check out their updated pre-election analysis here.