Inside Studio Production with Michelle Nieves


Returning MNN Producer Michelle Nieves’ journey in public access television began in 1984. She worked as an independent producer at Paragon Cable Studios, which has since been absorbed by Spectrum Cable. In 1992, Michelle became a Certified Producer and began creating content for her first show called “Beauty and Burlesque.”

After a hiatus, Michelle has returned with the determination to not only learn all of the new production equipment, but also develop new production ideas. MNN has taught Michelle the importance of being an independent producer who works with fellow producers to create great content.

“I am just like a computer, I need upgrades and I need to embrace this digital technology so I can tell my story and educate people with my content.”

The future for Michelle looks bright, as she is finishing up certification courses in Studio, Field and Editing at MNN’s 59th Street facility. Her new show in development is called “The Meek of The Earth,” a faith-based program designed to educate people about compassion and caring. The show will focus specifically on New York’s homeless population.

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