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NYC Council District 7: The Top 3 Issues Facing Harlem and the Heights

You love the architecture of Columbia University and the surrounding buildings because it gives your neighborhood an unexpected Gothic feel. The mix of residents and business owners is a tale of the haves and the have-nots. While a hub for scholars, many of this community’s inhabitants feel affording the rent is impossible. More skyrises go up while more small businesses close down. A balance is needed to bridge this equality gap. What are some of the biggest issues facing District 7?

NYC Council District 5: The Top 3 Issues Facing the Upper East Side

Your neighborhood is one of the most vibrant and colorful in the city, and mom & pop shops give the community a familiar feel. The diversity of religions, ethnicities and cultures along the East River have always been one of the neighborhood’s strongest suits, but it’s getting more difficult just to maintain everyday life. Maintaining public services and making sure basic needs are met are just some of the top concerns facing the community that has “the best NYC has to offer.”

NYC Council District 4: The Top 3 Issues Facing Midtown East

From Bryant Park to the Guggenheim, the famous luxury shops on Fifth Avenue are all part of your backyard. One of the most popular tourist destinations in NYC, your neighborhood enjoys distinctive architecture and the highest quality of life. While some of the city’s wealthiest reside here, it’s also home to everyday workers and small business owners who are just trying to get by, and it’s essential that everyone’s needs be met. What are the biggest issues facing District 4?