Make Your Video Producer Resume Stand Out With These 5 Tips

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This post is the latest article in a seven-part series about how to become a producer. These posts are intended to help you start your career as a producer, provide tips that will make you a marketable job candidate, and equip your video project for success.

There are many challenges that video producers face when developing their resume. Unlike most of the career world, a significant number of producers rely on freelance work for employment. Though it can be an exciting and rewarding career, freelancing requires you to have your video producer resume on hand at all times.

Make Your Video Producer Resume Stand Out with These Five Tips


Tip #1: Show Off Your Reel

Ask any hiring manager for a project, and they’ll tell you that the number one issue they see is a video producer burying, or not including a link to their reel.

A producer might do this is if they don’t have a reel or if they’re worried that their reel isn’t good enough to help them get the job. In reality, good enough is always subjective, and you never know what that hiring manager is looking for when they watch a demo reel. But, one thing is for sure, if there’s no reel, there’s no chance that you will be considered for the job.

So, be sure to include your reel at the very top of your resume or in your cover letter.


Tip #2: Be Specific About Technical Skills

Every video producer needs the ability to operate a camera and use editing software. Be sure to mention the different types of equipment and software you have used on previous projects.

If you’re still developing your technical skills, be sure that you are always practicing and learning new techniques. Even if you’re not the person behind the camera or in the editing room, you must have a basic understanding of the different lenses, cameras, and other technical production equipment. You never know when you will be the one that needs to capture footage or make a final editing decision.


Tip #3: Show Them Why Others Like to Work With You

Being a producer also requires one to be a team player. In many cases, you are responsible for project management and for coordinating talent on set. Potential employers want someone on the job that they can trust. That means you will need to prove that you are someone who works well with others and motivates everyone to do their best work.

Finding ways to showcase your soft skills on your resume or cover letter could give you an added boost. Think of a particular challenge you and your team were able to overcome on a set. Or discuss how a tight deadline helped you and your team get more creative in execution. Many things can go wrong on a video shoot. It’s important for hiring managers to know that you’re the type of person who will come up with creative solutions for those potential disasters.


Tip #4 - Remember the 3 C’s–Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration

Make sure your resume covers these three things:


Use your reel to show off your best work and your most exciting projects. Doing so will show how you solve problems and your technical understanding.


Communication is how you get your ideas across. Whether it’s pitching to secure funds, or coordinating a team, communication across all aspects of their job is essential for a video producer.


In a team environment, strong collaboration is critical. Consider how you treat other people’s ideas and how well you take and receive criticism. If a problem presents itself, are you working with the people around you to come up with a solution or just barreling ahead blindly?


Tip #5: You Must Have Results

Ultimately, no matter what type of video production you’re doing, you need to have goals and a history of success to be hired. Make sure to use your resume to showcase the results you’ve achieved in the past. Did you produce a video that received a significant number of views or created revenue for your clients? How can you help a hiring manager see that you’re a producer who understands the business side of video production?

Being a great video producer takes a lot of hard work. Not only must you be talented behind the camera, but you must be able to work effectively with people, too. Regardless of your experience, it’s all about showing hiring managers that you are an excellent communicator, who has the technical and interpersonal acuity to lead a team successfully.


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